About Me - Barbara Voshell

I've always loved photography. It has the ability to evoke emotion and insight like nothing else can. That's why regardless of the subject, my objective is to reveal the unseen essence of the person, place or thing that I'm focusing on.

Living in the heart of the Delmarva Peninsula has afforded me the unique opportunity to explore and document the natural beauty of the Mid-Atlantic region. It has also given me the freedom to experiment with imagery surrounding a wide variety of both urban and rural human activity. For me, nothing is more satisfying than capturing an image that inspires an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the people in our lives and the world we live in.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring my website, and please check back regularly as my catalog is always growing. After all, artistic expression is a life-long endeavor.

If you have any questions regarding my work, I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me by emailing barbara@voshellphoto.com. Also, please let me know if you are interested in procuring my services for any original or custom photography. Thanks so much for taking the time to take a look at my work!

Barbara Voshell

Sunday's Sunrise

Sunday's Sunrise

That moment when the sky bursts into an array of glowing colors mixed with a bit of fog in the air, it couldn't get any better than this, so I thought. Then two pairs of ducks appeared, giving life to this already vibrant scene.

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